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Our ecosystem of providers are a cohesive solution optimizing the way we Live, Learn, Work, Heal, and Play. 


We invest time and effort into projects that meet our mission while being environmentally conscience  and socialy responsible.  


CWX is being used to support socially responsible shared economy models that make it possible for anyone to build a property portfolio that earns them a regular passive income.

Powered by the latest blockchain technology, our partners create fractionalized ownership of real world property investments to make available to everyone opportunities that have previously been limited to institutional and private high-net worth investors.


Disrupting the Future of Real Estate Investment

Optimizing the Impact of ESG Initiatives


CWX is being used to fund innovation and participation in ESG initiatives. 

Giving employees the ownership and control of their job’s flexibility creates a better, outcomes-based program for performance management as well as the employee’s focus on ESG investors.

Utilizing Web 3 to Improve Medical Research

Our partners are creating a digital ecosystem of blockchain-integrated software solutions to secure and streamline the development of new medicines during clinical trials.

Blockchain infrastructure makes clinical trial data tamper-resistant. It also enables secure and efficient integrations between the many isolated systems and parties involved in clinical trial processes.


Enabling the Circular Economy


The Circular Economy promises to help build a positive human future by using technology and intelligent design to maximize resource usage and reduce waste.

CWX supports two main uses within the Circular Economy – proving product origins and incentivizing positive behavioral change.

A circular economy favors activities that preserve value in the form of energy, labor, and materials. This means designing for durability, reuse, remanufacturing, and recycling to keep products, components, and materials circulating in the economy.

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